Gayle Ashmore

2 Year’s ago I decided I needed to be healthier and change my life for me and my kids future, after seeing a Facebook post I chose azcend fitness to help me do it. I started to make changes to my eating, fitness and my lifestyle, I was supported through this all by the team. It’s something that you need to be in the right frame of mind, it is hard but being dedicated and coached by Zoe I have turned my life around and love how I feel, more energy and like what I see now. I have made life long friendships at the gym, everyone supports each other. I want to help others change to and have now changed my career and have joined the azcend team, 100% change in me. I have lost Thanks team Azcend.

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Denise Brunt

I first met Zoe 3 years ago when she was an instructor at another gym.

I loved her classes and her enthusiasm which led me to take on some small group personal training. I’d always exercised so was fairly fit but the nutrition side of things had been neglected over many years leading me to gain a couple of stone.

It took Zoe to help me realise this and address many of the bad eating habits I’d got into. Over the course of 6 months I lost that 2 stone and dramatically changed my body fat and muscle mass.

I’ve continued to train with Zoe and Darren at their new premises and what I love most about Azcend is the team spirit with everyone supporting each other on their journeys. It’s also a lot of fun. Zoe and Darren have put blood sweat and tears into setting up their new premises and have made many sacrifices along the way - they deserve all the success in the world

 denise brunt




Katie Topping

I have been with Azcend for 12 months, my weightloss journey as been up and down, I have not lost a huge amount of weight over the last year, only 1 stone to dat, but my body has transformed, I have lost 10% body fat, and have increased my muscle mass by a huge 5%.  The Aczend  team have helped step by step, through my weightloss journey, pulling me back into line  when I have gone off track, they have helped me with my food, my diary has completely changed & I love it. I have also buile exercise into my life, from doing no exercise life I now do at least 4 classes a week. I feel comfortable, enjoy the sessions & feel very much a part of the Azcend Community.

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Kirsty McGann

Azcend was recommended to me when I made the New Year's resolution that everyone does...New year, New me! I was struggling with fad diets and needed a push to really change my life. I began with an intense coaching programme where I was supported to make huge lifestyle changes, overhauling my diet and exercise regime. I'm a different person now with a healthy lifestyle.  Exercise is a normal part of my routine, my shape has changed dramatically and I have more confidence. I enjoy being part of the Azcend community and know if I need it, the support of the trainers is always there to pull me back on track and motivate me to reach goals I never thought we're possible.

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Charlotte Bennett

I'd Always been the big kid at school, i got bullied all through high school, nickname big bennett or shrek. Some days i would starve myself other days i would binge, i was always on some form of a diet.

As i hit my 20’s had a few bad relationships, which i deserved because i was big, i hit my heaviest at 18 ½ stone and a size 20-22, i was miserable and depressed.

One day something clicked, i started tracking what i ate and slowly my weight started dropping.

I joined slimming world and dropped more weight and i had lost 4 stone but was sticking and was struggling to lose anymore, so i gave zoe a call at Azcend fitness, i had already been going to her Insanity classes and wanted to give her personal training ago, i was sceptical thinking it wouldn’t work but Zoe reassured me it is a lifestyle change and if i put in the work i would see the results.

Now a year on i’m now at my target weight of 10 stone and wearing size 10-12 and have lost 8 stone.

Im now fit, strong, happy and got a lot of confidence. I no longer walk into a room staring at the floor, i walk in with my head held high.

I now train 6 days a week in the group training and also run. I've made some great friends at Azcend.

Thank You for turning me from a caterpillar into a butterfly.

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Elaine Hudson

I love training with Zoe, Darren & the team at Azcend. Unfortunately over the summer I sustained a serious knee injury and was unable to train for months and as a result lost fitness & gained weight. The Azcend 6 week transformation contest was the kick start I needed to get back into exercise. I still can't do any high impact exercise so I was a bit worried about how I'd  manage the classes but the trainers are so knowledgeable and motivating and adapt the exercises so everyone can work at their own level. Everyone is made to feel so welcome & part of the Azcend family.

During the 6 week transformation I have lost 23 pounds, i feel so much better, my clothes fit me so much better & I am totally ready for the next step of my Azcend journey.

Keeping a  food diary for Zoe & her nutritional guidance & support has also helped keep me accountable & helped banish my sugar addiction.

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Katie Wilson

 Meeting Zoe this year was the catalyst to getting my health back on track. Within 3 months of a personnel training programme Zoe encouraged joining the group classes. In 6 months since joining Azcend I have lost nearly 40 lbs and returned to my weight of 20 years ago. I am thrilled to see the results in such a short time and the benefits both physically and mentally from exercising. Through the Precision Nutrition Programme I now have a clearer understanding of the what, when & why I eat and finding new ways to manage those triggers & habits for the future. The journey will continue and anyone can make that first step with Azcend.

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Jenny Lee Belladone

My name is Jenny, I won a 6 week membership with azcend, in July, in a Facebook competition, in which I lost 14lbs and completely changed the way I eat. I have since become a member of Azcend, have now lost 2 St 8lbs and have gained my self confidence back x

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Mercei Lopez Garcia

 I started with Azcend fitness two years ago, I just went to see how works and what happened... what happened was amazing, I dropped 5 dresses sizes or I am 4 stones lighter  I found something that works, it is easy to follow and  most importantly, I enjoyed the journey. I have met fantastic people on the same journey and we just support each other, with the help from the Azcend Team. Zoe, Darren and the team are amazing, they are always there to help, they believe in you. For me was one of the best decisions of my life.

 Mercei lopez 2018