We’re here to help you move better - by that we mean everything and anything that can impact on your body’s quality of movement and function, whether that’s to do with injury treatment and rehabilitation, muscle tightness, joint mobility, postural alignment (static and in motion) or performance enhancement. For us, posture is the start point of all movement, and our goal is to help you return to natural, effective, functional movement and a healthy, happy, pain-free life.


Treating injury, pain & discomfort

Unlike many Physiotherapy Clinics we believe in a combination of assessment, diagnosis, patient education and hands-on therapy, and we focus as much on addressing the source of an issue as we do on treating the symptoms.


Sports Physiotherapy

Our expert and highly experienced Physiotherapists can create sport-specific programmes to enhance performance, minimise the risk of injury, and help you manage and recover faster from any chronic or sport-related injuries.

Pre hab

Pre hab & Injury Prevention

For anyone looking to stay stronger, fitter, healthier and functionally active for longer, our Physios can create a bespoke Prehabilitation programme to assess/enhance the benefits of your exercise, and minimise future injury risk.

Our Physio Rick Yates is a highly passionate and dedicated physiotherapist with 15 years experience in treating muscle and joint injuries, longstanding pain and sports injuries. Paramount to his success is that he doesn’t just treat the symptoms but also identifies and addresses the cause of the problem to prevent future ongoing issues. In order to do this, he uses a holistic approach, looking at the entire biomechanical chain and the impact previous injuries may have had on the current symptoms. Treatment techniques that Rick specialises in include manual therapy, exercise prescription, soft tissue and trigger point release, taping, acupuncture and cupping.

He continues to regularly attend accredited courses to maintain his ongoing personal and professional development and in doing so provides the highest quality of latest evidence-based treatments to his patients. Rick philosophy is based on helping you to get back to your sport or other activities sooner rather than later and ensure you are fitter and stronger than before.