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Body Transformation January 2018, where, where, where do I start ??? This has been the toughest yet !

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Wow, what a contest this year, some absolutely fabulous results, a massive well done to all of you who completed the 6 week transformation. 

So what is the Azcend Body Transformation contest ?? It is free to enter, each client is given a personalised nutritional plan, based on their goals, their exercise habits, age sex & height. They take this away & crack on, the Azcend team are on stand by to help every step of the way. The results astound me every time we run a contest. Who would have thought you could transform sooo much in 6 weeks. 

So here we are the resulths of the Body Transformation contest January 2018 !! 

We have chosen a male & a female winner this year. 

Before I announce the winners, there are some fantastic journeys that I would just like to share, 

Denise Hughes, well done you, super proud, Denise does 2 Small Group Training sessions a week along with the Azcend Nutrition coaching, counting macronutrients & cutting down on carbohydrates, was difficult for Denise for the first week, but she has absolutely cracked it, whoop, whoop, amazing results, a loss over the 6 weeks of 7pounds, 2% body Fat and 1% visceral fat, amazing !!

Ange Foster, Ange has been with Azcend for as long as I can remember, she very highly values her health & fitness, being a busy working Mum of two, also studying for a masters, with kids in every club going & volunteering for what seems like absolutely everything, Ange never ceases to AMAZE me. If anyone is too busy to fit in exercise it is this lady, but every week she does it, turns up at the Hub, puts in 110% and looks fantastic on it. Ange has always steered clear of the body transformation contests, but this year she decided to give it a go. An amazing transformation, a weight loss of 7 pounds, 5% body fat with an increase of muscle by 3%. Go Ange !!

Christina Fairclough, could we be more proud of Christina, , the calories, the makro nutrients, it was all new, she really, really did not know where to start !!

I will never forget that Sunday night she text me saying I really don't know what to eat, I text her back, " you have to learn" that is what we do her at Azcend we teach people how to change, yes we have nutrition plans, yes we can hand you a diet, but what do you learn ?? Really, what do you learn ??

You have to go away & learn for yourself, you have to learn what a protein is, what it is in, you have to learn which carbohydrates are slowly releasing, you have to learn to eat fat !!

Off she went the first week, me " Christina hows it going?" Christina " Its really hard !!" Week 2 me " Christina hows it going" Christina " Yaehh I think I am getting it " week 4 me " Christina hows it going" Christina " Yeahh really well"

Christina is in a very close second place losing 12 pounds, 3% visceral fat & increasing her muscle mass by 1%. Amazing work Christina, keep going, I can see you being the bell of the Azcend Summer Ball, well done. 

Next, this is my personal favourate journey. Jennifer Greenhaulgh. Wow what a difference counting the macro nutrients has made to Jennifers life, Jennifer has even been away for a full weeks holiday right in the middle of the transformation contest. The results in a loss of 10 pounds, 5% fat and an increase of 3% muscle mass. Jennifer this has really, really blown me away, you would have been the winner, had one lady not had such an incredible transformation. Well done, now keep going !!

Gayle Ashmore, Azcend very own Gayle has also had an absolutely incredible transformation since January, as youall know Gayle has very much changed her life since Joining Azcend, so much so that she is now a level 2 fitness advisor & is well on her way to being a level 3 personal Trainer. Since January Gayle has again knuckled down, focused on herself, her nutriton & her exercise, losing 10 pounds, 5% body fat & increasing her muscle mass by 3%. Wow well done Gayle. 

So now for the winners, up first our lady. It has to be Claire Handy. Claire, WOW. In the 6 week transformation period Claire has lost an absolutely massive 17 pounds, an unbelievable result, she has love the nutrition plan, what has particularly worked for Clare about the Azcend Nutrition is that you CAN eat fat, the body needs fat in the diet to use fat as a fuel, so a high fat diet, an actually increase fullness & encourage the body to break down fat, fat to use as a fuel. Well done Claire, keep up the good work, the journey for you continues. 

There is absolutel no question as to who has won Janury Body Transformation 2018 1st mam. Marcus Stamps, of course and here is why, Marcus gives 110% & over the last 6 weeks it has been 120% Marcus does 1 pt session a week & works his arse off in the gym 4-5 times a week, on Marcus's first session he pushed himself to the point of being sick, but it just made him more determined, I knew then Marcus was ready to change, and change he has.

His daily nutrition and exercise routine has completely transformed his body, 4 months ago he sported a fine middle age spread, now his body fat is almost in the teens, and his target is below 10%, which I know he will achieve.

Marcus is a PT client of Darrens, all of you myzone users will know him to be the guy who is always in 1st place on the leader board, he is the King of red !! Due to his daily personal target of 400 MEPS !!! He makes my Ironman training plan look easy!.

So the results, Marcus has lost 6 pound in the 6 weeks, his weight loss is slowing down, as his body transforms, a huge body fat loss of 5% and visceral fat loss of 2%,  and a muscle mass  increase of muscle of 3%. 

So there it is the January 2018 body transformation results, a massive well done to all of you, you are all stars, and also a huge well done to every single one of our members, who is stepping forward in their own way & at their own pace, good job !! 



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