Friday, 02 February 2018 05:51

A thought for Friday

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A thought for Friday !!

You can achieve anything you want to achieve !!

Change does not happen overnight, changes take time. If I think back to when the kids were small, Darren & I always drank 5 out of 7 nights, we always had a cooked breakfast on a Saturday & a Sunday, we never exercised on a weekend, take away, meals out, trips to the cinema with the choccies & nibbles.

This weekend, how different, we exercise once if not both days, we only drink on a Friday & Saturday night, the last time I ate bacon or sausage was Christmas day, we hardly eat take a ways, buy a coffee at the cinema.

We are far from perfect, we still have a pudding on a Sunday, too many roasties on the Sunday dinner, those little habits are still there, but one step at a time we change.

Our changes have happened over 10 years, not overnight. So this weekend the Azcend motivation is that if you want to achieve, you will achieve, slowly & surely, give yourself a break, never give up, take one step at a time & give it time!!

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