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MYZONE is taking Azcend by storm.

What is it ??

It is fantastic, my favourite quote about the MYZONE is "It makes the studio an even playing field" This is sooo true.

MYZONE encourages beginners and challenges our advanced exercisers, I have seen it push, push, push some of our already clients up onto that next level, whilst showing beginners that their body can get THE same benefits from exercise whilst working at a much lower level than an advanced exerciser.

So what is it ?? It is a heart rate monitor strap, simple, you wear it in group, it is set for you, your age, sex & fitness level, as soon as you walk in the building our computer picks you up. Your Heart rate & name is displayed on the large television in our studio. The aim is to keep your heart rate throughout the Group Training in your training zone, each Training zone is colour coded, blue, green, yellow & red, as you push yourself your display will change colour.

We have inter club challenges, it re-enforces the Azcend Community. I love, love, love it.

We have 20 MYZONE belts left at our introductory price of £49.99.

Try before you buy, free 2 week trial, ask one of the Azcend Team.

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