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Eat to fuel

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Wondering what & when to eat, to fuel & get the very best results from your exercise. Here it is the ultimate Azcend guide to fuelling for exercise.


During exercise, the body’s preferred fuel is carbohydrate, which is provided by carbohydrate stores in the muscles. Carbohydrates are also needed to release a large amount of insulin and increase protein repair of the muscles you have just worked hard to break down, leading to lean muscle growth. After exercise you need to refuel these stores ready for more activity, if they are not refuelled, your body will begin breaking down muscle tissue for energy. The best time to replenish carbohydrate stores is straight after exercise.


Eating protein before or after exercising helps your muscles to recover and grow. Protein is broken down into amino acids, the ‘building blocks’ of muscle and without it your body can not and will not build muscle. In fact, a study has shown that consuming protein BEFORE lifting weights enhanced recovery compared to consuming it AFTER lifting them. Your body digests pre-exercise protein into amino acids while you exercise and puts them straight into action building, repairing and maintaining damaged muscle tissue.

Recovery snacks and meals:

Do not just consume protein, your muscles need 3-4 times more calories from carbohydrates than from protein. Recovery meals should include a foundation of carbohydrate rich breads, cereals, grains, fruits and vegetables, plus a smaller amount (approx. 10-20g) of protein. Don’t overindulge on calories if you are aiming to lose weight.

You should aim to consume around 50g of medium to high GI, fast digesting carbohydrates as soon as possible, so it gets into the bloodstream quickly. The snack needs to be low fat, as fat can slow down the digestion process and you need the carbohydrate to get to the muscles as soon as possible. Again, if you are aiming to lose weight you must ensure that your snack is not too high in calories.

Protein shakes are a great quick and easy way of getting your pre or post exercise protein. You can add carbohydrate to your shake by adding some fruit, such as banana or oats. At Azcend we recommend Protocol Gold Whey and Collagen Powder, which comes in chocolate or strawberry flavour and is available via the website. There are some good recipes for smoothies using protein powder on the website.

Pre and post workout snacks and meals are not the only way of refuelling your body. You need to have a healthy and balanced diet, with a good balance of carbohydrates and protein all of the time. 50-55% of your daily calorie intake should be from carbohydrate and 10-15% of your daily calorie intake should be from protein.

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