Oliver Ashton

I've always had an active lifestyle and enjoy training in the gym.

I have a passion for training and exercise. After seeing results in myself I decided to become a personal trainer so I could help others achieve the same.

My expertise lie in sports specific strength and conditioning and muscle building as well promoting healthy lifestyles and wellbeing for all. I love teaching group exercise and enjoy motivating people with a catch phrase or two in a class environment.

Training is about quality not quantity and it's my job to ensure people make the change for life.


Gayle Ashmore

After going through my own Azccend weight loss and get fitter journey, I decided thinking I wanted to help others people change their lives, in October, I took the leap, leaving behind my old life, my steady job and changing my carreer, my new ambition, my passion, my drive was to work in the Fitness Industry.

I applied for a job with Azcend & took myself back to college, to re-train as a Persoanl Trainer, my desire, to motivate & inspire my clients to make the same life changing journey, whilst supporting and encouraging through the ups & downs, that we all know come with habit change.

I am love my new job, this is waht I was born to do, I know am a fully qualified level 2 coach, I teach the Azcend Group Traioning Programme, mentor & encourage the Azcend members through their nutritional & Fitness Journey. Soon to be a level 3 Personal Trainer, for me, my clients & every single Azcend member the future is Decide- Commit- Succeed with Azcend Fitness.


Sarah Wadeson

Hi, I’m Sarah. I am a Level 2 fitness instructor, soon to be a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer.

I’m relatively new to the fitness profession after making the decision to take the leap and start on a
whole new path with a career change.

I have always loved fitness, I played a lot of sport at school and throughout my 20’s and became a huge fan of the gym from quite an early age. As well as the gym, I enjoy walking in the hills, skiing, climbing and cycling, a lot of which I do with my family.

A few years ago, however, my fitness declined drastically. I am lucky enough to have 3 fantastic children, but it was a bumpy road through my pregnancies. I had several health issues relating to the pregnancies and have now had 5 lots of open stomach surgery, the latest of which 2 years ago being a hysterectomy. I was unable to exercise a lot of the time through these years and so the combination of that and 3 young children to look after left me more unfit than I had ever been with
the weight creeping up.

About 6 months after my hysterectomy, my weight had got to 11 stone 10llbs. I had no body confidence and I felt rubbish. So, I started researching lots of ways to exercise at home, I bought
myself a few pieces of kit to use at home and I read lots and lots about nutrition.

I started to plan my workouts and my meals for the week often getting up before the children woke to make sure I fit them in. Sometimes though I would do it later in the day and they would join in with me a little which they love. I changed my workouts every few weeks and found my love for exercise again. lost almost 2 stone and felt fantastic. I had so much more energy and I knew that my body was now in a really healthy state. I enjoyed my journey so much that I just wanted to help others do the same.

Last year I started my Fitness Instructor course and haven’t looked back. It was quite a leap from being in a desk job as an accountant but the best decision I could have made. I absolutely love this industry and am incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to join the fantastic team at Azcend Fitness.

I love meeting the members and hearing everyone’s stories and get a real buzz out of training clients in classes. I cannot wait to be fully qualified so that I can help others to make exercise and good nutrition a fun and enjoyable way of life and most importantly to help them to achieve their own health and fitness goals.


Rob Bale

 Hi my name is Rob

My background lies within elite sport. For over 10 years my life was dedicated to swimming at the highest level, competing at European and World Championships, Commonwealth Games and an Olympic Games. During this period of my life I was coached by some of the best coaches in the world, covering swimming, strength and conditioning, fitness and nutrition. The experiences I have had have influenced my approaches to training and highlighted when is good to push hard and when to adapt or ease off to ensure the best results are attained.

Since retiring from elite level sport, I have gained qualification in Personal Training to utilise and put into practice the skills and coaching I had been through during my professional sporting career. Personal Training for me is about enabling people to reach their goals and encouraging them to push through barriers to achieve success.

My areas of interest in PT are:

- General Fitness/ weight loss

- Sports Fitness and conditioning

- Rehabilitation

I have also trained in Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy which allows me to treat any aches and pains with focused massage. The clinical side permits me to provide rehabilitative exercise and treatment techniques to fully treat those tight muscles.

Having had lots of physiotherapy throughout my swimming career and really enjoy my clinical massage and rehab PT, it prompted me to study to become a Physiotherapist myself. I am due to graduate from UCLAN this summer. Going through the degree has provided me with a wide understanding of anatomy, physiology and exercise to further strengthen my rehabilitative knowledge


Rick Yates

My name is Rick my interest in sport lead me to complete a BSc (Hons) degree in Physiotherapy in 2002. I am a member of the Healthcare Professions Council, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Acupuncture Association of Physiotherapy.

Since then, I haVE worked in acute NHS trusts, private clinics and the private sector and, throughout this time, have specialised in the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.Over the years, I have progressed to become a clinical specialist in sports injuries and musculoskeletal physiotherapy treating all manner of conditions such as muscle and ligament injuries, back and neck pain, sciatica, tendinopathies, biomechanically-related dysfunctions, work-related disorders, RSI injuries, whiplash and post surgical rehabilitation. I also regularly undertake industry and private ergonomic DSE assessments.

I am highly passionate and dedicated physiotherapist with 15 years experience in treating muscle and joint injuries, longstanding pain and sports injuries. Paramount to my success is that I don’t just treat the symptoms but also identifies and addresses the cause of the problem to prevent future ongoing issues. In order to do this, I use a holistic approach, looking at the entire biomechanical chain and the impact previous injuries may have had on the current symptoms. Treatment techniques that I specialise in include manual therapy, exercise prescription, soft tissue and trigger point release, taping, acupuncture and cupping.

I continue to regularly attend accredited courses to maintain my ongoing personal and professional development and in doing so provides the highest quality of latest evidence-based treatments to mypatients. My philosophy is based on helping you to get back to your sport or other activities sooner rather than later and ensure you are fitter and stronger than before.


Alice Grayson


Hi my name is Alice. I have been a practicing Sports Massage Practitioner for the past 12 years and specialise in musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, analysis of posture and habitual movement patterns, as well as remedial stretching and strengthening techniques for injury management and prevention.

Each treatment is tailored to your individual needs and aims to maintain your regular exercise programme in an appropriate manner which promotes healing without minimal compromise of your usual fitness routine.

Treatments typically last one hour and involve a full initial assessment, deep tissue massage, pressure point release and stretching techniques. Sessions can also be modified to address:

-Acute injury
-Management of ongoing conditions (eg. Arthritis)
-Injury prevention
-Performance enhancement


Tracy Pain, BSc. Active IQ, Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy.

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Hi, my name is Tracy. My interest in physiology and remedial massage therapy began after sustaining two serious back injuries during a long career working with horses. Five years ago I decided to follow my passion for physiology and began my training as a Sports Massage Therapist.

Using an initial assessment to analyse posture, range of movement, fitness and lifestyle, I am able to tailor a treatment programme that accords to your specific requirements. Treatments I offer include: deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, soft tissue release, muscle energy technique and myofascial work.

I have a particular interest in posture and movement and later this year will be undertaking a gait analysis course to expand my range of treatments.

I look forward to meeting you.