Darren Edmondson


Like many people I spent my childhood being very active, in my teen years Karate was my sport of choice, in my 20's I discovered the outdoors and found my passion for rock climbing, canoeing and fell running. In my 30's it all slowed down though! I married Zoe and then Harry & Annabel came along to join us, but the time I previously gave to exercise stopped.


My life became sedentary, I spent my day either sat in a car or behind a desk whilst progressing my career in IT. Then at 37 suffering from sciatica, and 2.5 stone overweight I decided to get active again, and so started to run again and watched what I ate. A year later I was no longer overweight, and running faster than I had ever done before. So I decided it was time to become an Ironman, and entered the 2014 Bolton Ironman race. I finished the event in 12 hours and loved every minute of it.


The Ironman slogan is "Anything is possible" and it's true, you just have to believe in yourself. After the Ironman I started my personal trainer training course because I wanted to further my knowledge in exercise and nutrition, so that I can help others reach their goals, whatever they maybe.


A few years on, I no longer work in IT, and now own and run the HealthHub in Garstang with my wife Zoe.


Zoe Edmondson



Hi I am Zoe Edmondson. A personal trainer, nutritional consultant, group exercise instructor with 22 years experience, co founder of Azcend Fitness & director of the Azcend Health Hub in Garstang.


My passion for fitness started when I left University 23 years ago. Working in retail, overweight & having & never exercised in my life. I started going to circuit training and bought a bike as transport. The weight just fell off, I was sold I became obsessed with exercise classes, cycling & running. I was slim for the first time in my life. I loved it,


I decided that I wanted to help others to also change their lives. So back to university I went, a one year diploma in Sports, Nutrition, Personal Training and Health Related Fitness.


In 2001 my husband was headhunted for a job in the South of England, by this time I was fully qualified, I sent out my CV and was offered lots of different jobs, I chose to work for Cannons, a large chain of health clubs, they offered me a perfect role, sales & marketing combined with a fitness adviser role with the opportunity to teach exercise classes. It was perfect. When the fitness manager role came up I was first in line. So that was me - fitness manager, teaching classes & personal training.


Then came Harry my son. After Harry I took on the role of Assistant General Manager and lasted 2 months. I was a Mum & wanted to be a Mum. So I became a personal trainer  & group exercise coach, working for myself. It worked perfectly around Harry and I loved it. Then came Bel, my daughter & we moved back North, to be closer to family.


Again I worked for myself travelling from health Club to Health Club in Preston teaching classes. The kids and I were at home in the day & I worked the evenings. My business grew.


After 6 years when both of the kids were at School we made the move to Garstang. I started work at the YMCA, teaching in Church Halls & Personal Training from home. I was busy, but I wanted to take it one step further I wanted to pass on my knowledge of nutrition and teach people how to eat in order to lose weight. I realized that all the exercise in the world was wasted if the nutrition was wrong. So I wrote the Azcend Weight Management Programme, 5 simple steps that are life changing.


Now I personal train, run nutritional coaching courses, and have taken this to a level where I am working with over 200 clients.  I realize that my clients need step by step support, motivation & encouragement. Weight loss is not an easy journey, but it is THE most fulfilling journey that anyone can take. At the Azcend Health Hub, we have set up group training sessions, meaning that we can personal train up to 12 people together, offering the nutritional coaching external to the exercise, we also cater for people who need that smaller group, so we offer similar training sessions in small groups of up to four people, & then for those who need that little bit extra, we still work 1-1.


I truly believe that you get out what you put in & I try to instil that in every one of our Azcend clients from day 1. I train through motivation & support, My programs are tailored to individual needs, and I try to make the atmosphere fun & comfortable in every class, in every group session, or in every one on one session. I hope that in all of my sessions whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced exercise, you are pushed to your personal limit. I encourage a new way of life, a more enjoyable life, for me as a trainer the answer is not that one hour a week, there is a bigger picture, we are there for our clients needs, each person is individual & no matter how many clients we have, Azcend will never lose that personal touch !! I am there for my clients day in day out.


I am now the director of Azcend, I have a team of staff, and am passing on my knowledge & dream, to enable team Azcend to touch as many people as possible & in doing so changing as many lives as we can.